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You are being asked to complete a Assessment, which is a state-of-the-art, highly validated assessment designed for the business environment. The system interprets your responses to the following questionnaire and generates a report that can be provided to you. The organization that requested that you complete this assessment owns the right to access your report results and determines when you will receive your report, but your information will not be provided to any other entity for any purpose. All data is stored in a secure website and remains confidential.

The Assessments are very useful tools for self-awareness due to the fact that they provide an analysis of your behavioral style and/or motivational attributes. However, to develop a complete picture of your talents, factors that are not included in this report should also be recognized, such as specific technical skills, experience, education, credentials, and job history.

This questionnaire and any reports generated by this questionnaire have been developed in order to assist you with your employee and team management, development, and hiring decisions. These documents are to be considered as only a part of your decision-making process. Any consulting services that have been provided in conjunction with the use of these documents are also only a part of your decision-making process. AS A PART OF THE CONSIDERATION FOR THE SALE AND USE OF THE DOCUMENTS, YOU AGREE THAT OUR LIABILITY, IF ANY, SHALL BE LIMITED TO AN AMOUNT NOT TO EXCEED THE PURCHASE PRICE PAID BY YOU FOR THE DOCUMENTS AND THE CONSULTING SERVICES, IF ANY.

Your responses to the questionnaire will be anonymously added xx without the use of your name or other identifying information xx to our research database. We use this database to compute group averages and other normative statistics. The contents of this database are used for research purposes only and your specific data will not be shared with anyone for any purpose.

By checking the box below, you acknowledge that you have read the provisions of this Questionnaire Agreement. Furthermore, you agree to these provisions and agree to permit the organization requesting this information to use the report results for human capital development purposes.

By checking this box you are agreeing to the

This questionnaire is presented by:

Map your way to the top Assessments

Powerful tools for charting the course of your business and achieving outstanding ROP = Return on People™.

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We are a leading provider of objective assessment tools. Our products are designed to bring businesses like yours measurable results in team and individual performance. Assessments remove subjectivity and personal bias from assessing an employee's strengths and motivations. These tools don't simply score the categories, they can offer specific recommendations for improving workplace interactions and aligning people with high performance scenarios. Our expertise is in equipping companies with the tools they need to build high functioning teams that deliver excellent service and maximize profitability.

Tap into the power of behaviors and motivators.

Chart your path to achievement with stronger teams and higher performance.

By using assessment tools you can gain a complete understanding of an individual’s talents, preferred communication style, ideal role, and drivers of engagement. Armed with this knowledge you'll create stronger teams, and discover the keys to optimizing individual performance.

What are Behaviors?What are Motivators?

Behaviors and Business



How a person handles problems and challenges.



How a person handles interaction with people.



How a person handles the pace of the environment and change.



How a person handles standards and procedures set by others.

Navigate With Self-Knowledge uses the four categories of the DISC Behavioral Model, referred to as The DISC Map™, to assist individuals in navigating the peaks and valleys of their own decisions, feelings, and interactions with others. Research shows that highly successful people tend to have a higher level of self-awareness and a greater sense of control over their lives. Using DISC, you and your teams can develop the behavioral self-awareness to improve empathy and collaboration for more functional teams, while also gaining insights into individual strengths and stressors to allow individuals to lean into their optimal performance scenarios.

Equipped with behavioral self-knowledge, people can steer toward actions that better suit their natural style and can therefore yield more positive outcomes.

Some of the questions The DISC Map™ addresses are:

  • How can you more effectively interact with your co-workers, family, and/or friends?
  • How much are you altering your natural behavior style when you are at work?
  • What are situations that can cause you stress or conflict?
  • If you experience stress, what can you do to recharge your batteries?

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Download Sample Reports

Get to know our tools by downloading any of the free sample reports below. After reviewing the samples give us a call at (770) 319-0310 so we can answer your questions and customize the right solution for your team.

DISC Sample (Brief) DISC Sample (Brief)DISC (Comprehensive) DISC (Comprehensive)Motivators Sample Motivators SampleCombo Report (Brief) Combo Report (Brief)Combo Report (Comprehensive) Combo (Comprehensive)Team Summary Sample Team Summary SampleCompany DISC Overview Company DISC OverviewCompany Motivators Company MotivatorsAll Sample Reports All Sample Reports

All sample reports are in PDF format.


Our assessments are powerful tools for unlocking energy and insights that can strengthen your teams and unblock individual performance. However, it can take guidance to learn to understand the nuances of the tools and how best to apply their data to real-world situations.

At we offer consulting and training so that you and your teams can fully realize the benefits of Behaviors and Motivators in the workplace. Contact us at (770) 319-0310 for more information about how we can maximize your ROP = Return on People™.


Helping individuals and small teams is important, but if you are seeking to build organizational value then you, as a leader, have to go further. You need to get the most out of the key personnel and processes that you've already put in place for mentoring, training, and employee development.

If you want to make certain that you are getting the most out of your internal resources, you need metrics that can map their progress and chart their way to success.

At, our consultants enhance your current development teams and tools. We'll empower your coaches to manage data collection and interviewing more efficiently - freeing up time so they can stay focused on what they were hired to do in the first place: develop and mentor top performers.

Contact us for more information about how our corporate consultants can maximize your ROP = Return on People™.

Training and Certification

At we offer comprehensive training in administering assessments, analyzing results, and applying the findings to real people in real-world business situations. By learning the ins and outs of these tools you will increase your value to your organization. You will gain the skills necessary to assemble productive teams and align tasks and performers to improve output and morale. This is what we call ROP = Return On People™

Our training is designed to work around your busy schedule by using web-based tools and telephone-based instructor sessions. Sessions are adapted to the individual trainee's learning style and pace.

Upon completion of the training, each participant will be administered a one-on-one Certification Exam. This approach ensures that all learning objectives have been thoroughly understood and that the high standards of being a Certified DISC Navigator and Certified Motivators Navigator have been earned by the trainee.

Contact us for more information about how training and certification can give you the skills to understand the Motivators and Behaviors of the people in your organization. Learn these tools to build greater value through ROP = Return On People™.

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